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We are a medical practice specializing in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease. We make it a priority to establish a professional and personal relationship with our patients. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health by treating your cardiac related health event with the latest techniques in medicine. If you have questions about your treatment, test, or our clinic, we will be happy to discuss those with you. We will do our best to make your visit as productive and professional as possible.


A non-invasive test using two-dimensional, Doppler, M-mode, and color flow ultrasonic imaging to assess chamber size & function, valve function, physiological data and other important disorders such as congenital defects.

Nuclear Cardiology

Noninvasive techniques to assess myocardial blood flow, evaluate the pumping function of the heart as well as visualize the size and location of a heart attack. Myocardial perfusion imaging is the technique most used.

Cardiac Catheterization

(sometimes called an angiogram) is a specialized test which is useful in the evaluation of heart disease. The presence, or lack of coronary artery disease as well as the specific location and severity of coronary lesions .

Coronary Stent Replacement

A small, metal, mesh tube with medicine embedded in it expands inside the coronary artery, often placed during or immediately after angioplasty. This procedure helps prevent the artery from closing in the long term.

Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty

This minimally invasive procedure is used to open a blocked artery by placing a balloon inside the artery, which will inflate at the site of a fatty clog to press it against the artery walls, allowing the blood to flow again. 

Transesophageal Echocardiogram

Also known as TEE, is performed by inserting a small flexible tube with an ultra-sound transducer into the esophagus. This 15-20 minute examination provides accurate detailed Information on different heart structures.


Chest X-Ray

A simple test that helps in the initial evaluation and follow-up of numerous cardiac and pulmonary conditions. The x-ray produces images of your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and bones of the chest.

Vascular studies

Vascular Studies

A patient-activated Holter monitor-like recorder used for an extended period of time and helpful in the evaluation of sporadic cardiac symptoms or events.


In-House Laboratory

For your convenience, our office provides a full service in-house laboratory with licensed personnel and modern equipment to ensure the highest quality of testing and saves the patient time.



Electrocardiograms provide information regarding electrical activity of the heart, as well as various other cardiac abnormalities such as heart attacks. These are often necessary to make a diagnosls as well as for follow-ups.

Pacemaker Clinic

Various routine pacemaker checks are done via telephone transmission from the patient’s home. Periodically, the patient may need to come to the office for a more formal interrogation or for computerized reprogramming of the device.

Congestive Heart Failure

CHF can be a symptom of other cardiovascular problems and can occur gradually or suddenly. Careful management of CHF may include hospitalization, surgery, medical therapy, and lifestyle modification to markedly improve symptoms and prolong life.

Myocardial Perfusion Scan

Also known as a “Stress Test,” this scan uses an IV injection of a small amount of radioactive “Cardiolite.” A special spect camera is used to take pictures of the heart at rest and after stress. It is often used to evaluate patients with chest pain or after an angioplasty to detect dilated artery re-blockage and after coronary bypass surgery to assess the integrity and function of the bypass graft done.

Blood Pressure

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We offer a comprehensive program emphasizing: Physical Fitness, intervention to Retard the Underlying Disease Process, Reduction in Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Psycho-Social Adaptation. Our ultimate goal is to have our patients obtain a generalized sense of well-being enabling them in making the adjustment necessary for an active and productive life.

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Dr. Sangani has been the cardiologist for my husband and I for more than fifteen years, as well as for my Mother. He has always taken excellent care of me and my family and is the utmost professional, a gentleman who is very easy and pleasant to speak with, and someone who I can count on to share the most relevant information with me regarding my cardiac and overall health.  I trust him completely and would highly recommend him to anyone who would like to see an excellent cardiologist.”

Susan Estrade


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